Recommended Book: “The Devil Prayed and Darkness Fell” by David Corbett

Crime thrillers and military thrillers are two of the largest sub-genres of the thriller family, and I’m not a big fan of either.  There, I said it. You can revoke my thriller card now.

In The Devil Prayed and Darkness Fell, David Corbett packs both a crime thriller and a military thriller into one small novella. By all rights I should hate it, but the truth is that it’s great. The story begins when a decorated veteran of the Iraq war kills a well-loved police officer, and from that beginning we’re treated to a thoughtful, realistic exploration of the many ways in which war reshapes people.

If you’re a fan of either crime or military thrillers, check this out. If (like me) you aren’t, I think you should check it out anyway. It’s only 79 pages so you won’t be making a huge commitment for a great payoff. It might even make you decide you like these genres after all.